Theatre Photography

I’ve been involved in theatre in one way or another since 1990, and have always taken my camera along, starting out photographing amateur dramatic shows in the sunny beachside town of Orewa.

Since the early 2000’s I’ve been fortunate to be hired to photograph many professional theatre shows for the likes of Auckland’s terrific cutting edge Silo Theatre Company, for Auckland Theatre Company, and for loads of independent companies.

Here is a selection to excite you, and if you haven’t been to the theatre for a while (or ever), get along! Auckland’s theatre scene is vibrant and varied, and there is always something going on at Basement, ASB Waterfront Theatre, Q Theatre, Civic, Herald Theatre or the Aotea Centre.

This gallery is dedicated to the talented actors, directors and designers who create the illusion and take us on the journey.

[Please click or tap on any image to open the gallery viewer]

4 thoughts on “Theatre Photography

    1. Hi, Renanda Tribowofor, thanks for the message.
      Photographing live theatre shows, difficulty is mainly the low light, moving subjects, the high contrast, rapid pace, and like a wedding you only get one crack at it with no rehearsal! 🙂 I hope that is helpful. Perhaps I should write a blog post on it.


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