Photo Credit: Jane Hakaraia

Hello, I’m Andrew Malmo. I live in Auckland, New Zealand.

I work as a theatre production manager for some of the major live theatre, dance and opera companies in New Zealand.

I’ve been taking photos of one thing or another for over 27 years. I’ve had my own photography businesses, and have worked for others in many capacities in the photography industry in NZ.

Before I could afford a camera I made one out of cardboard, and drew “photos” of my parents who patiently sat for my portrait sessions (disclaimer: I was only a wee little nipper at the time).

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic which I bought second hand for twelve dollars, and as soon as I joined the workforce I rushed out and bought myself an SLR!

I’ve shot weddings, events, sports, theatre shows, famous people, business people, trades people, little people, very little completely new people, old people, funny people, buildings, art, products, food, landscape, awesome places in other countries, friends, family, cars, buses, trucks, pets and ginger beer. I’ve never photographed under water or on top of mountain ranges. Clear plastic water bottles proved one of my most challenging assignments.

I love sharing my work, and my ambition for my photography is for people to have it in their homes, either as beautiful wall art, or as beautiful coffee table books. I love to exhibit and hope to do more of that (I have four exhibitions under my belt to date, which I am very proud of).

I’m no longer shooting for commission these days, unless something completely amazing comes my way (or a friend twists my arm, or it is something I feel passionately about!)

I hope you enjoy this gallery site. I love to receive feedback and am pro constructive criticism. If you have an interest in any of the work herein please send me a note using the contact form

Thank you very much for visiting!